Our approach

A unique approach to business banking

AtGlobal Secured Investment IFT we offer a uniquely sustainable approach to business banking meaning that our ethical values are at the heart of everything - from the products we offer, to the businesses we fund and the relationships we build with our customers.

Our range of banking products and services for businesses and charities are simple and easy to operate, providing the flexibility and functionality you need from a bank coupled with a quality relationship based service and real transparency in all that we do.

Our values

As an established and well respected ethical bank, you can be confident in our sustainable credentials and core values. Whether you are an ethical organisation looking to build a banking relationship with a bank that truly understands and shares your social and ethical goals, or a business looking for a fresh approach to banking and wanting to help make a positive change, choosing to bank withGlobal Secured Investment IFT is a small step towards a more sustainable banking future for us all.

Our relationship driven service While we are always delighted to welcome new customers we believe it is the long term relationships we build rather than the overall size of our business that is important.

The quality of the relationship with our customers is at the forefront of the service we provide. Our team of relationship managers, who are specialists in the sectors in which they operate, are here to provide support to our customers.

They help you make the most out of your relationship withGlobal Secured Investment IFT and take time to get to know you and understand your business to enable them to do so. With borrowing customers they not only know your name, but are thoroughly familiar with your business - visiting you on site, and becoming a trusted and knowledgeable source of input and advice.

Global Secured Investment IFT now offers insurance. Send us an email for a free quote.

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