Savings Accounts

Using your savings for a sustainable future.

We all want our savings to work harder for us personally, but what about the wider impact? By putting your money in an ethical savings account you not only get the benefit of a financial return but the knowledge that your savings are contributing to positive change.

AtGlobal Secured Investment IFT we offer a range of straightforward sustainable savings accounts. Whether you need instant access to your money, are happy to lock it away for a fixed period to get a better return, wish to save money for your childrens future or want to take advantage of your tax-free ISA allowance; we have a savings product to help.

What makes us different?

  • We're 100% ethical - only lending money to people and organisations making a positive impact - culturally, socially and environmentally
  • We only lend real money - money entrusted to us by our savers
  • We're totally transparent - completely open about how we use our customers' money
  • Find out about protection for savings with the deposit guarantee scheme .

Global Secured Investment IFT now offers insurance. Send us an email for a free quote.

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